About Us

Welcome to Calgary Shotcrete Ltd.

Since our inception four months ago, Calgary Shotcrete Limited have been the number one deliverers of cost effective, unique and innovative solutions for a wide range of excavating and shoring applications to customers across the globe.

Our unrivalled use of modern equipment and an ability to provide performance and materials bonds mean we are expertly qualified to handle the challenges of any shoring project.

Here at Calgary Shotcrete Ltd, we are all about Safety and maintaining a conducive work environment, so we lay a lot of emphasis on having safety managers that adhere to safe work procedures for all our shoring projects. All the construction waste during our shoring projects are gathered and sent to certified recycling facilities for processing.

We are specialists in two main branches of shotcrete; shotcrete shoring and structural shotcrete. No matter the complexity or scope of your shoring project, we have departments ready to serve you. Be it finishing, meshing, cast walls, soil nailing, underpinning, shotcrete shoring, retaining walls, walls and slide repairs, drilling, excavation, grooming, rock bolting and stressing, anchoring, pumping, foundations, slabs, patio decks, or driveways. Calgary Shotcrete Ltd has got you covered.

We also specialize in offering field technical assistance, designing site-specifics, and providing Competent Person Awareness Training and solutions for the most difficult problems.

Calgary Shotcrete Ltd acts as a single source of responsibility, which simplifies the coordination required between trades, expedites your project schedule and saves you money. We are highly customer oriented and consider ourselves attentive enough to give each customer the attention they deserve, and effective enough to provide customers with the quality work they crave.

Our Values

  • A commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • A commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • A commitment to manufacturing and dispensing quality products only.
  • A commitment to improvising and adapting when the needs arise.